About Hanami

Poems 1992 - 2007

Aldrich Press, 2015 (forthcoming)

Hanami is my first full-length collection and contains poems from the earliest part of my career through my time in Japan on the JET Program and my settling in Massachusetts and meeting my wife and pretty much everything in between. These are the poems of my years wandering from place to place, the explorations of the unsettled man.

Poems online from Hanami:

Daryl Muranaka

About The Minstrel of Belmont

Poems 2014

Finishing Line Press, 2015 (forthcoming)

The Minstrel of Belmont will be released in the second half of 2015.  All poems in this chapbook were written during two poetry challenges during summer 2014, the 2014 Poetry Month sponsored by the Ridgeline Literary Alliance, and 30/30 Challenge by the Tupelo Press.  This collection features aikido, fatherhood, and Jewpanese poems.

A poem from The Minstrel of Belmont online:"Random Associations" (The Gambler Magazine)